Corey Dekker

Corey Dekker has a passion for public policy.  Corey grew up in Metro-Vancouver and attended Simon Fraser University, where he completed an undergraduate degree in political science. Corey then headed off to London to complete a master’s degree in government and political theory at the London School of Economics. Following graduation, Corey found his way to Ottawa and secured a job with the federal public service, where he has worked since 2009.  As a federal public servant Corey has worked across four departments in three different cities (Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary) and is currently a Socio-Economic Specialist with the National Energy Board. 

A central theme of Corey’s work and personal interests is Indigenous peoples and Indigenous rights, and particularly how Indigenous peoples rights and interests affect public policy. Through his work, Corey leads engagement with Indigenous peoples across Canada and has had the privilege of meeting with members from over 100 Indigenous groups. One key takeaway from his work with Indigenous peoples is their concern about environmental sustainability and climate change. In that spirit, Corey is excited to participate in the Climate Leadership Program as a vehicle to better understand the challenge of climate change and to learn about (and contribute to) climate action. 

Corey is a status member of the Pine Creek First Nation in Manitoba and currently lives in Calgary with his wife Jasmine.