Ashley Morrison is a Calgary transplant, spending much of her life in beautiful British Columbia before moving to Cow Town in 2003. Ashley’s passion for learning was evident even from an early age – she spent much of her early years with her nose in a book, and hasn’t changed much since. Ashley has a passion for education, and currently nurtures that through her work at the University of Calgary.

At 17 Ashley moved to Thailand on a Rotary Youth Exchange. It was there that she learned the joy in food and culture, and is what sparked her interest in world affairs. When she returned she started her degree in International Relations, focusing on security and strategy. Ashley believes that learning, whether in a class or not, is the foundation for peace. She lives by the motto ‘seek first to understand’, and seeks out opportunities for growth in all that she does.

Ashley’s love of food persists and is accompanied by a dedication to her food garden, sustainable practices, and carrying on the skills her grandmother taught her through baking, cooking, and preservation.