Fatima Barron

Fatima is a passionate and enthusiastic second-generation Flipinx-Canadian woman. She was born in Toronto and moved to up and coming Brampton, Ontario at the age of 11. She studied in Ottawa at Carleton University, having recently earned an undergraduate degree in Public Affairs and Policy Management, specializing in social policy. Fatima spent her undergraduate years volunteering with different groups at Carleton, primarily with the Carleton chapter of Engineers Without Borders Canada. She largely spent her time working with other youth across Canada to advocate for effective, sustainable international development policies and practices in and out of Canada. Having switched interests from international development to local community organizing and municipal politics, Fatima started volunteering with City for All Women Initiative in 2015 and is fortunate to be working as their communications and administration coordinator.

Still unsure about she wants to do with her life, Fatima hopes that she can spend time working to create an equitable and just world. She aims to find and create spaces in which marginalized voices are represented, amplified, and heard. In particular, she is interested in the intersection of mainstream and marginalized communities and finding ways to challenge the status quo. She firmly believes that complacency is unsettling and boring.

In her spare time, Fatima spends her time understanding the various ways in which race, gender, class, and age intersect in her life. She is also attempting to decolonize and focus on indigenizing herself with the Filipinx culture. You can also find Fatima trying new recipes, playing board games, making terrible puns, fantasizing about her future cat, and opening 20+ tabs on her browser and never getting back to them.