Fatima Adar

Born in Italy and immigrating to Canada two years later, a tone was set for Fatima's life, one of travel and exploration. Her early years were spent in motion, moving all over Canada, before coming to Edmonton in Grade 7. Her mind, however, never settled. She began to write and to discover the writing of others, like Emma Goldman & Dostoevsky. The hierarchy of schooling isolated her, but she kept writing and eventually found another kind of liberation in celebration, in partying and sharing joy with others. And it was then that she returned to her family's roots in Somalia, living in Bosaso for over a year. Her life changed and, upon her return, she began to throw her own parties, to treat celebration as an act of creation, where positive, joyful spaces could be made. With a couple close friends she began renting venues and playing music once a month. The practice grew.

Fatima continues to write stories, about people, the basic things that connect them, and the complexity within those basics. She feels compelled to write because there is so much that doesn't reflect her life. Most recently, she has begun working at Boyle Street Community Services as a winter emergency response supervisor.