Erin is not your average bookworm. In addition to her love of books and writing, this badass hockey-playing feminist challenges the status quo and brings new ideas to life with her passion and charisma. A native Calgarian, Erin’s academic journey has taken many twists and turns, which have enabled her to travel the world and combine learning with meaningful work. With a stint as Editor-in-Chief for the Gauntlet under her belt, she has also travelled across Asia and Australia. Most recently, Erin lived in Seoul, Korea, where she studied at Korea University. Erin is back in Calgary finishing up her honours degree in psychology and English at the University of Calgary, and she is already planning her next move. Her feminist perspective, cross-cultural appreciation, and sense of justice have led Erin to pursue a graduate degree in psychology that targets prevention and the root causes of pressing social issues in the fall of 2014.

Beyond education, Erin has built a unique outlook from her experiences and adventures. Through her life-long engagement with hockey, Erin has developed a rich definition of community. To her, sports are an important opportunity for community building. Within this frame of community, Erin embeds the values of equity, empowerment, and widespread inclusion. Community is not distinct from our environment; rather, Erin believes the two are deeply interconnected. Erin looks to build a world where our relationship with the environment is based on care, not resource entitlement.  Through Next Up, Erin is busy exploring the ways that social and environmental issues are entwined and how she can build communities that can work within this complexity and take these issues head-on.