Erica Moir

Erica Moir lives a busy life as a registered nurse at Wadena Hospital and as a home and community care nurse working with on Fishing Lake First Nation. A northerner originally from La Ronge, Erica grew up alongside friends and family who taught her the importance of listening and being open to the richness of diversity. As a nurse, Erica works on issues of community health empowerment and health education. Her co-workers and clients inspire her daily and teach her about resilience and the power of humour. Erica has travelled the world (to Mexico, Cuba, New Zealand, China, and all over Europe) and soaks up opportunities to learn about cultures and the outdoors. Her interest in cultures is reflected in her enthusiasm for listening to Cuban radio stations over her shortwave radio and her involvement with her own Christian faith tradition (as well as learning about others). Her love of nature, which was cemented when she was growing up amidst abundant trees and lakes in Northern Saskatchewan, has sparked her interest in photography. In the summer, Erica is an avid gardener (with a soft spot for peas) and in the winter, she plays hockey and sometimes curls. In all seasons, Erica is married to her husband Chad.

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