Eranga Galappaththi

Eranga is an environmental and social justice activist who recently emigrated from Sri Lanka. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Master’s in Natural Resource Management. Eranga also holds a MBA from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. His most recent research is related to environmental and natural resources governance. Eranga intends to pursue his PhD at the McGill University. His PhD research will be focused on examining ways how indigenous people build resilience to the health effects of climate change in the Peruvian Amazon communities. 

Eranga was a co-founder of the Colombo District Emergency, Social, and Welfare Unit in Sri Lanka. Some of his social work involved focusing on assisting hospitals to meet the demand for donor blood during the Sri Lankan war (1980’s – 2009) and the Tsunami devastation of 2004. 

Eranga strongly believes the world can be a better place if people are willing to work together. He believes good societal changes always start from the bottom (individual/community) up (national/regional). 

When Eranga is not working towards making the world a better place he keeps himself busy with his love for cooking, dancing and meditation. He loves sharing.