Emma Schultz

Born and raised in Regina Saskatchewan, Emma has always been passionate about the subtle beauty and diverse culture of Canada’s prairie region. She believes that the prairies have not been given enough credit for these subtleties and from so is continually threatened by land-use changes. This belief led Emma to pursue these interests in post-secondary education - she is in the process of completing her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with a minor in Sociology. Emma’s studies has also led her to develop an interest in climate change action in the prairies and how inaction perpetuates social inequalities, especially with prevailing economic activities that degrade the natural environment.

 There are inevitable winners and losers when it comes to climate change. This interconnection of an ever-changing environment with social disparity and environmental racism has prompted her to enact and expand her community presence. Emma is a board member of Regina’s Public Interest Research Group, which has allowed her to take part in many other volunteer programs and events in the community. On her down-time, Emma loves practicing yoga, camping, canoeing, and pretty much any other activity outdoors. Next-Up, therefore, is the perfect platform to meet like-minded people who also want to see change in their surrounding community and maintain the integrity of the natural environment.