Emily Jubenvill

I am Emily Wren Jubenvill, although I am known to my Grandma as “Picklesnerp.” As an green spaces advocate, permaculturist, knitter, guerrilla gardener, environmental scientist, entrepreneur, runner, veloist, traveler, and lover of marine invertebrates and magnolias I keep my days fairly busy and live through my passions.

I grew up on the North Shore of Vancouver, and Bowen Island. Spending weekends exploring tide-pools and studying biology at the University of Victoria, I had intended to make a career in marine biology. A second-year environmental science class deconstructed the current state of environmental and social issues of North America’s food system, and this sparked a deep interest in sustainable agriculture. Soon after, I made the decision to transfer to Royal Roads University’s environmental science program in order to gain a deeper knowledge of the science behind the planet’s environmental issues with the hope that I could apply this to her new found passion in food systems.

I am currently working with the Edible Garden Project to develop and strengthen a local network of people growing and sharing food, building skills, and increasing access to growing space for marginalized urban communities. I advocate for increasing access to green space and revitalizing our public spaces as Green Spaces Coordinator for the Vancouver Public Space Network. My interest in urban agriculture and access to green spaces also ties into a new interest in the green collar jobs movement sweeping the United States. I am currently convening a Green Collar Jobs Initiative in Vancouver that aspires to have the movement-building power of Green for All, but is currently satisfied catalyzing pilot projects and discussing the next steps for a policy roadmap for British Columbia.

When I’m not working or volunteering, you can find me tending to my vegetable patch, laughing, on a mountain, or by the sea.

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