Emily Diaczun

Emily is a social worker and feminist. Right now she works in reproductive and sexual health at an abortion clinic. She is honored to offer compassion and respect to women and believes this work is about justice and liberation. She has also worked in areas of mental health, addictions, and pediatrics. Emily tries to find points of connection with others in order to understand their diverse experiences of human suffering and resilience within a justice context.

Emily’s background in feminism and women’s studies anchors her approach to relationships. Emily has experienced privilege, invisibility, and oppression. It has been immensely meaningful to use these experiences to learn and re-learn ways of acting in solidarity on Treaty territory.

Emily has discovered a passion for engaging groups of people around sensitive issues. It has been humbling to be involved in public dialogues about the influence of power systems on our lives and relationships -whether through sexual assault public education or small group discussions of poverty.

Emily enjoys extra long walks with her dog, cycling all over Calgary, film noirs, and trying to understand organized sports.