Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth is a woman of many names: Liz, Eliz, Lizzy, Lizardbreathe, Elizabarf, Lambeth Camberwell…. And a woman of many roles: daughter, sister, crazy cat lady, dog lover, friend, student, researcher, health advocate, triathlete, skier, Ontarian, Albertan, human, goofball, secret bedroom dancer, cryptic-crossword enthusiast, pickle fanatic, caring person, active listener, critical thinker, and thought-provoker. But she is capable and willing to be so much more. Elizabeth is excited about being a part of Next Up Edmonton and hopes to learn more about how to be a leader and activist to make the world we live in a better place for all of its inhabitants. She is keeping an open mind and is receptive to learning more about how she can be involved and take the lead to create positive, meaningful changes in our society.