Eleanor Ridsdale

Eleanor Ridsdale grew up in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. She was brought up in a lower middle class family that struggled to make ends meet for their four children. She spent her childhood biking, building forts in the bush, and surrounded by all sorts of animals – whether they were pets or strays her family took in; she was already developing compassion for animals and other children. Eleanor then spent some time after high school living in Jasper, Alberta working in the service industry. She eventually attended the University of Saskatchewan and finished a Bachelors of Education with Distinction in 2008. She did her B.Ed through the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teaching Education Program (SUNTEP), a Bachelors of Education program for Métis individuals. She is now working with a government agency. She is passionate about women’s self image, self esteem, and self belief issues. She believes women need to unite with each and start to mother this world in order for things to improve. She cares deeply for children and animals. In her spare time she enjoys hot yoga, making jewellery, hanging with her women and men friends, and spending time with her two lions and partner. Her dream would be to live on a self sufficient farm full of children and animals.