Ela Esra Gunad

Ela is passionate and forceful advocate for social justice and human rights. She has designed and led various international, national and local programs to advocate for women’s, children’s, LGBT, and refugee rights and fight against discrimination and racism in every level of her life. Ela has worked with a variety of groups from marginalized people to high level governmental agencies for non-profits and international organizations. She worked as Projects Coordinator for Amnesty International Turkey and continued her advocacy efforts for social change as Country Coordinator for Follow The Women. She organized groups and cycled through Lebanon, Syria, Jordan into Palestine to support peace and to demand an end to violence in Middle East. Ela is dedicated for creating space and connecting with communities through various ways. She organized art events with groups like  U2, Istancool, REM, Gevende, The Bambir and Bajar.

Born in Turkey, Ela studied International Relations and holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights Law as well as certificates in Public Relations from Simon Fraser University and in Global Advocacy from Minority Rights Group International. She furthermore took training on Global Advocacy: UN Bodies and Mechanisms at UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva and on Hate Crimes and The European Legislations from OSCE. She also attended Art Management Program at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Ela has a fiery passion for ensuring equality and justice for all. Currently, she is working as Communications and Resource Development Manager for an anti-violence women’s organization Battered Women’s Support Services.

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