Edith MacHattie

Edith was raised in the small town of Carp, Ontario and has been living in BC for 6 years. Through her education she has earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. On this journey to education, Edith was inspired to learn more about social and environmental justice through engaging in community art, learning about feminist activism, and participating in student run organizations. Many summers working at Easter Seals camps for kids with disabilities also has a huge impact in shaping Edith’s life. Currently, Edith is working as an Occupational Therapist at the Centre for Child Development in Surrey. She works with kids in elementary schools who have many different abilities, and is constantly humbled by them and their families. Edith has become more involved in her union (Health Sciences Association) and is currently the Chief Steward at her work and is an elected member on the provincial bargaining team for this round of contract negotiations. She dreams about a healthcare system with a focus on prevention and community-based care, and wants to be a part of making that a reality!

One of Edith’s passions is creating safe and accessible spaces for people to feel a sense of belonging in their community. Camping and exploring come as second nature to this local farm loving, violin playing, silly making, do-it-yourselfer! Edith has two younger sisters, two cats, and is recently married. Edith is taking the world by the horns in this year’s Next Up cohort #6!

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