Delshani is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Calgary. She is a community-based, population and public health researcher; engagement and participation with community groups and organizations is a central tenet of her practice.

Delshani applied to the Climate Leadership Program to formally integrate a climate or ecology perspective into her population health theoretical research framework. This perspective is advantageous and relevant because the physical environment, environmental health, and ecology play a significant role in how people interact and understand their health, and impact how they access health services. Developing a foundational understanding of the impacts and effects of climate as applied to health will enable evidence-informed decision making and intervention development in health promotion.  


Delshani grew up in Banff National Park, so her connection to the mountains runs deep. On the weekends (and the occasional Monday), you will find her hiking during the summer, and cross-country ski during the winter. When she is in Calgary and not sitting at my desk, she’s in a yoga class or having a glass of wine with friends. She is also a podcast junkie, listening to at least two episodes everyday while getting organized for the day, walking to and from work, or while doing nothing on the couch. She talks too fast and laugh too loud, but those are also often the moments she is most passionate.