Deanna Rogers

Born on Cape Breton Island, raised on subtle landscapes and wild imagination, Deanna Rogers now finds excitement and comfort in the City of Vancouver. Here, Deanna has carved strong footholds and remains an active member in her community. She believes in fostering meaningful connections between academia, community and self; making space for education to be meaningful rather then routine. She is currently employed by Simon Fraser University with the mandate of expanding and growing the experiential learning culture of the university. She has also organized the first community consultation for the BC Walking the Talk’s new United Nations R.C.E. on Sustainability Education and designed and implemented a Community Zero Waste model for Metro Vancouver. No matter the venue common threads carry through Deanna’s work: creating space for dialogue, focusing on the larger picture and promoting alternative thought. Deanna will soon graduate from Simon Fraser University with a BA in Anthropology, a minor in Dialogue and a Certificate in Sustainable Community Development.

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