Daniela Marin Plater

Born in El Salvador, Daniela Marin Platero moved to Canada 7 years ago, living first in BC and Northern Ontario. After graduating with a degree in International Development and Gender and Women Studies from Trent University in 2013, she moved to Ottawa to join World University Service of Canada (WUSC) where she first worked as their Ontario Liaison Officer, and later as a Program Assistant.

Daniela knows what it’s like to be a student in a new country – in addition to her experience in Canada, she also spent one year studying gender studies in Pune, India. Her experience there was made richer by her ability to look pretty darn sharp in salwar kameez, which allowed her to blend into the crowd and experience a side of Indian culture not usually accessible to foreigners.

As a passionate speaker with direct experience of marginalization, Daniela feels most drawn to issues of social and migrant justice and indigenous and women's rights. In her free time, Daniela enjoys poetry, dancing, reading, biking in nature, or hanging out with her two roommates.