Daniel Pagan is a radical pragmatist with a strong interest in human rights. Born in Muscat, Oman, Pagan considers himself a world traveler; someone who loves learning something new every day and challenges himself to improve his weaknesses.

At the University of Calgary, he did a double major in Classical Studies and Law/Society interdisciplinary, as well as served as an advocate for affordable education and better accessibility for students with disabilities in the Students Union and the Gauntlet newspaper. Daniel has a thirst for learning new things and how the world works. He has a huge curiosity in regards to fixing the system and just can’t help but ask questions and “poke the bear” with a dose of wit and sarcasm.

Due to his deafness, his eyes are open to how minority groups have to struggle and fight for rights,in spite of privileged backgrounds. He is planning on applying to law schools in the future to study human rights law and to fight against inequality.

Daniel joined NextUp out of a desire to learn more about how to improve his advocacy and outreach. If he is not busy with law school prep or writing, he loves to read variety of work based on religion, politics, economics, history, etc or fiction and graphic novels for fun with a cold bottle of Imperial Pale Ale beer or plays with his pet beagle, Buddy.