It's a critical time

This is a critical time. The normalization of neoliberalism, systemic oppressions and colonization, stalling of climate justice, and the rise in fascist attitudes are serious and complex problems of our time. I see Next UP grads across the country organizing, working in agencies and systems, and holding space for justice. I just can’t imagine this moment in time without the strength of folks just like you, working to create a better world for everyone. We also have work to do.

We need your support! Become a monthly donor!

Next UP is currently doing important and essential work on our own internal systems. This includes:

  • deepening our commitment and approach to decolonization and equity,
  • being critical of our role in perpetuating systems of harm,
  • evaluating and enhancing core programming,
  • and shifting to centre relationships as our core principle.

Frankly, this kind of content and container work can be a hard sell to large funders. We are currently relying on donations to sustain the work on these changes that we believe are absolutely necessary as we prepare to invest in the next generation of young justice leaders.

Please show your support for our evolution by becoming a monthly donor - for whatever amount feels right to you. If you are already a monthly donor, please consider increasing your donation. I would like to increase each city’s monthly donors by 10 supporters before the end of the year. With over 900 grads across the country, I know it’s possible! Next UP can’t do this work without your support.


Thank you for your support, ideas, and encouragement as we build up our capacity and make plans for the future. Together, we can make the world a more just and equitable place.