Critical Muslim Voices Vancouver - March 10

Critical Muslim Voices is calling on Muslims from the Lower Mainland to mutually support each other and share strategies on how to confront bigotry. To this purpose, they are hosting an event, Challenging Islamaphobia: A Muslim Town Hall, on Friday March 10th.

Hasan Alam, a Vancouver lawyer and NUBC Alum 2012-13, is a co-founder of Critical Muslim Voices and the group emphasizes that Friday's meeting is open to anyone who identifies as a Muslim. For more details about Friday's town hall see this article in the Metro or read the pdf here. Hasan Alam is also a community liaison for the B.C. Islamaphobia Legal Assistance Hotline, which gives free and confidential legal advice to Muslims and those who are perceived to be Muslims who have been or could be the subject of discrimination and attacks.