Congrats to NU Sask Alumni!

NUSask1 alumni Max FineDay was recently featured in the Globe and Mail!

Max FineDay, the first status member of a First Nation to become president of the University of Saskatchewan Students Union, says he is lucky that his own upbringing was strongly rooted in the culture of the Sweet Grass First Nation where he was raised.

Mr. FineDay, 22, said his language and traditions are an integral part of who he is – and that is something that is being imparted to other First Nations youth.

“We are seeing this sense of pride and a sense of connecting with their culture. And we see that through social movements. Idle No More was huge,” he said. “After that we definitely saw an influx of young people, young preteens and early teenagers, saying: ‘Hey, I am First Nations, I am proud of my culture and it is okay to be who I am and not have to hide it in Canadian society.’”

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Sasha Hanson-Pastran (NUSK3) graduated with high honours from International Studies winning the Copland Prize in Social Sciences and two other awards for being the most distinguished International Studies grad. She is also described in this U of S News Release as a “student of interest”!

And, congrats to Amanda Guthrie (NUSK3) won the Avenue Community Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity’s Community Service Youth Award for her dedicated service as facilitator of the Rainbow Coffee Youth Group.