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Contributions are not tax deductible.

Fee payment for the CLP2

Participation in the CLP is independent of your economic situation. If you're low income, retired or unemployed we offer a full grant for the program fee. For others, these are the suggested fee levels:

$200 (employed)
$400 (you'd like to contribute a bit more)
$1000 (your business or organization is supporting your fees).

Participants are not required to pay to be part of the CLP. Those who do are contributing towards the operational cost of the program, whose budget includes 4 staff, travel and pay for guest presenters, meals, accommodation at three retreats, and more. This support lets us stretch our budget and will help make future offerings of the CLP possible.

Please note that under CRA regulations course fees are not tax deductible.

Who's donating: from Calgary, AB, Canada donated. Thank you!