Climate Leadership Program Callout


We are pleased to announce that Next Up Leadership is launching a new Climate Leadership Program (CLP) in Alberta. It is intended to develop climate leadership in sectors outside of the traditional climate movement while exploring and driving low carbon activities across Alberta. 


The CLP is an intensive course for folks living within the Edmonton - Calgary - Lethbridge corridor. It's over five weekends running from March to mid June, 2016 We're looking for established and aspiring leaders 25 years and older who are working or volunteering in areas outside of the traditional climate movement, such as people working in government, nonprofits, coops, the private sector, First Nations and grassroots groups.

We're looking for people on an established leadership path, who are positioned to support and create opportunities for their organization to bring climate action into the operations of their organization. Examples of these sorts of actions include: a grocer who develops a local produce supply that cuts carbon footprint and increases local food security; a cooperative board member who creates a renewable energy investment plan for worker pensions; or a newcomer organization that develops a strategy for supporting climate refugees. 

The CLP will give participants the information, analysis and skills to incorporate climate action within their workplaces and organizations by learning the core elements of our established Next Up program along with the details of Alberta's climate policy. They will collaborate with their peers and be supported by Albertan experts from their individual sectors in developing a personal long term action plan to bring climate justice into to their organization. Participants will leave the program with an accountability partner, and support from the CLP and Next Up for the ongoing success of their action plan.

I'm hoping that you will apply or refer this opportunity to those you see as future climate leaders.

Here's the link our application page. The deadline is Jan 24, at 11 pm. 

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Mike Byerley

Next Up Climate Leadership Program

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