Chris Clacio

Christopher Clacio Born and Raised in Winnipeg, Mb. He is an up and coming community helper in the North End of Winnipeg. You can always find him every Friday's at 470 Selkirk Avenue helping the young people set up and organize Meet Me at the Bell Tower at 6pm. Another place you can often find him every week is at Neechi Commons at 865 Main St. at noon. Where he hangs out with fellow Aboriginal Youth Opportunities leaders to talk system and political literacy at what they call PolitixBS which stands for “BrainStorms” and not the other word you thought it was.

He is also apart of the AYO team and you can find his biography on the Ayomovement website as proof of his efforts helping in the North End. He helps with community outreach for AYO! He helps faciltate at various community meetings, welcome guests, create partnerships and positiviely represents the movement from a voice that is not First Nations, Metis or Inuit. His heritage is of filipino decent making him the one of the first non-indigenous youth to be recognized as part of the team.