Chris Chang-Yen Phillips

Well-travelled, inquisitive and friendly, Chris is an eager contributor to the Next Up team. Since participating in a Canada World Youth program that led him to an eye-opening stay in China, Chris has been interested in social justice. He pursued a formal education in the field, first at York University and then at Trent University, where he graduated with a BA in International Development and Environmental Studies. Along the way, Chris stumbled into journalism. After writing an article for a local Edmonton magazine, Chris became involved with the Trent campus newspaper, where he eventually worked as associate editor before moving on to intern with CBC for 4 months in Toronto. Happily, Chris’s interest in journalism continues to thrive. Chris passionately believes that creating dialogue to allow individuals to feel empowered to be good citizens is important in moving towards environmental and social justice, and ultimately hopes to use journalism to obtain this goal. For now, Chris’s time is spent enthusiastically working for the U of A’s Global Education office and volunteering with campus radio.

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