Chloe is a born and raised Calgarian. She studied Painting at the Alberta College of Art and Design, and is currently working in the fields of waste management, arts, and human services. Though they are under multiple positions at the moment, she dreams of ways these areas of interest can intersect. Important issues for Chloe are improving waste and consumption practices, gender equality, environmental justice, vibrant communities and compassionate living.

Remaining in her hometown, a city with an evolving identity, she is determined to push the boundaries of the city’s ability to be a leader in social change. She wants to contribute to the growth of the city by engaging with communities that are as inclusive as they are innovative. With a belief that positive change is happening as a direct result of an individual action, as well as coordinated efforts, she places value in surrounding herself with people that can inspire and challenge her to question what contribution on an individual level can look like. She strives for progress through open communication, patience, and a willingness to prioritize mission over comfort.