Charlotte Hannah

Charlotte is heuristic and a generalist, a true believer that everything that you could be paying for, can be done yourself, with a little confidence and maybe a friend. She believes that skill shares and trades devoid of cash money fit into a larger plan for minimizing social and economic inequities. She is currently part of a consensus based collective of folk running two not for profit d.i.y. bike shops. Together they run a number of low barrier programs for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to find themselves a solid mode of transportation. She is also one of three people in Muscle Memory, a bi monthly fundraiser primarily for folks in the queer community who need financial help with medical and legal bills. Due to her arrest at an olympic protest last year, she is taking full advantage of subsidized schooling offered to her as a youth involved in the Downtown Community Court. She is currently enrolled in VCCs Addictions Counselling Program. You’re likely to find Charlotte preserving birds, shooting cans, stenciling the neighbourhood or riding her bike.