Celeste Alcena

Interested in community and student organizing, Celeste focuses her activism on high school outreach and student mobilization on campus. During her time at the University of Waterloo, Celeste was the VP Youth Engagement for Engineers Without Borders launching a high school chapter initiative. This allowed her to work closely with high school students through workshops, debates and guest speakers aimed at politicizing and educating the youth. Celeste is a firm believer in systemic change and is excited to gain some insights as to how colonial histories have shaped the way we learn and ways in which we can work to overcome this. 

Recently transferring to Carleton, Celeste is now successfully working towards a BA Honors in Political Science. Celeste is a Ravens Figure Skater who loves playing music, board games and exploring the world through various forms of art (mostly because travelling is expensive). When Celeste isn’t studying, skating, or radicalizing the youth she enjoys watching Doctor Who over anything else. Celeste is not interested in cats, cat videos, cat pictures or student loans. 

On top of tearing down capitalism and cooling down the planet in the process, Celeste aims to build and embrace community wherever she goes.