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Congrats to Claudia Li! Influential Canadian Millennials

Congrats to Next Up BC3 alum Claudia Li for making in on this year’s Huffington Post Influential Canadian Millennials: Generation Y’s Leaders, Game-Changers And Inspirational Figures! Link

Best of Saskatoon

Melissa Gan (NU Sask Year 2), Ellen Quigley (NU Sask Friend & Advisory Member) and Karen Rooney (NU Sask Year 1) were voted the best three young activists of the year by folks in Saskatoon. *       *       *        *        * BEST YOUNG ACTIVIST […]

Generation Now – 2012 David Lewis Lecture

On October 4, 2012, The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives-Ontario presented the 2012 David Lewis Lecture: Generation Now: Four emerging voices on the Canadian political landscape Emma Pullman (NUBC5), freelance writer, campaigner with sumofus.org and research director with Leadnow.ca, was one of the presenters of the night – along with: Brigette dePape, writer and activist also known as […]