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Laine Burlingham – NU Calgary 4 – tells her story

Speech to the Health Sciences Association of Alberta for the 2014 Annual General Meeting By Laine Burlingham, member of NU Calgary 4 cohort and Dispute Resolution Officer with the Health Sciences Association of Alberta I’m here to talk to you about Next Up!  To do this I’m going to tell you my story, because I […]


  Next Up gathering at Hollyhock, Cortes Island, BC 2013 Hello all and happy fall. I hope that all of you are doing well.  I write this to you from Ottawa, heading a great day working with the group on a new Constellation of Change session. The last couple of months have been awesome – […]

Next Up 2013/2014 applications are open!

Do you wonder what the future holds for our world? Are you concerned about things like climate change, poverty, public health and education, housing and government policy? Do you believe that global and local issues are connected? Do you feel that our economic system is focused on profit at the expense of people and the […]