After seven years taking in the west coast, Cat has recently made a home for herself in Calgary. Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, she spent her days dancing, drawing, painting, challenging assumptions and contemplating a better world.

These interests initially drew Cat to Victoria, BC where she studied Political Science and Applied Ethics at UVic; however, it was the sense of community and examples of strength surrounding her that compelled her to stay. This time informed her enthusiasm for community development and the pursuit of more just, loving and sustainable ways of being. Through her work and involvement in the community, she has strived to support efforts that bridge individual experiences with injustice to social, political and economic policies and barriers that impact society, and organize collaboratively to achieve meaningful systemic change.

Cat currently works at the YWCA of Calgary as Coordinator, Quality Assurance, supporting the agency’s service programs in evaluating and communicating the impact of their work. Previously, she has held positions as an outreach organizer, leadership development facilitator, server and bartender. Her pass times continue to include painting, drawing and reading; although, Cat spends most of her time these days with her exploring the offerings of her new home.