On Carla’s first big trip, she decided to backpack through Europe. Bold for an 18-year-old who hadn’t even seen downtown Calgary, but nothing crazy. That was, until she met a very inspirational woman who told her to travel somewhere “different”. On a whim, Carla decided to make the trek to Egypt, and she was immediately hooked on the world. Carla was not accustomed to talking about social and environmental issues, but after that first trip and all those that followed, her eyes were forever opened. This has led Carla to her current job at the YMCA working on community outreach and global initiatives, volunteering at the Sunnyside Community Association, the Next Up program, and now even considering becoming an all-season cyclist! Carla is passionate about holistic nutrition and is frustrated by the lack of proper nourishment in our world. She believes Next Up will help her learn the skills needed to spread awareness, turn ideas into action, and make the world a more just place. A self-described coffee snob and proud Sunnysider, she highly recommends black Americanos from Vendome or The Roasterie! If you don’t catch her over a cuppa joe, catch her in the mountains, at a yoga class, volunteering at Folk Fest, or cooking a deliciously alternative vegetarian meal. Carla is having the time of her life, and she’s simply excited for everything the future holds!