Candice Kloeble

Candice Kloeble (rhymes with global) is a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend, and spouse. After graduating in 2004 with a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from the University of Regina, Candice spent the summer tree planting in Northern Saskatchewan. That same year she found herself swept up in a whirlwind romance, was married in December and moved to Kaohsuing Taiwan in January of 2005 to teach English as a Foreign Language. After teaching English for two and a half years Candice decided to further her education and obtained a Certificate of Advanced Professional Studies in Expressive Arts and Social Change from the European Graduate School in SaasFee Switzerland. In the summer of 2007 she and her partner moved back to Saskatoon. In November 2009 she had a beautiful water birth at home supported by midwives and a doula. She has spent the bulk of 2010 exploring the joys of motherhood. Candice is passionate about working towards positive growth and change in her community.