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Next Up Calgary Registration

Climate Justice: NU Calgary Workshop Series Feb. 2019

Register here for the February Workshop Series.
It will run over three days,
  • 6-9 pm Tuesday Feb. 26 at 100 1711, 10 Ave SW Calgary
  • 6-9 pm Wednesday Feb. 127 at 100 1711, 10 Ave SW Calgary
  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday March 2 or Sunday March 3. TIME & LOCATION TO BE CONFIRMED.
Participants must have completed the online registration for to be accepted to the workshops.
Participants MUST be able to attend all of the sessions. 
Registration is sliding scale. Returning participants (from the Nov. Workshop) and donors to Next Up may pay the reduced registration fee.
If you would like to pay a different amount from the scale, please fill out "Other"
Free = pay what you can ($0 or any other amount)

$10 = Basic support ticket - help us with cost of supplies and facilities

$25 = Returning Participant / NU donor

$80 = Regular ticket price (for first time participant)

$135 = Solidarity Super Ticket (helps to subsidize the participation of 2 people)

Contact calgary@nextup.ca with any questions, or to pay without a credit card.

= = = =
Please note that your registration fee is not a charitable donation.