Calgary Cohort 7 graduates


Next Up Calgary has wrapped it’s 7th year. There were 18 participants this year, in a program that was supported by about 40 grad volunteers and 28 guest presenters over the course of 38 sessions. This year also marked the fifth Community Connection, which saw 60 participants attending 10 workshops, 12 marketplace of ideas presentations and a fantastic lunch in a full day of strengthening networks and growing conversations about transforming Calgary.

Cal7_-_1.jpgI am very grateful to Arielle, Charlene, Chloe, Emily, Holly, Jacie, Katie, Khalil, Krystal, Lindsay, Lise, Litia, Meghan, Nicole, Nina, Tara and Thana for their committed participation, co-education, vulnerability, trust, good humour and hope. Thank you everyone for jumping into the river of change and celebrating the journey. 

Mike Byerley

Calgary Coordinator. Cal7_-2.jpg


PS - there are exciting format and programming adjustments in the planning for cohort 8. Please send me an email ([email protected]) before July 14 to express your interest in helping facilitate and guide these plans.


PPS - The application deadline for Calgary Cohort 8 is September 22, at 11 pm. Interviews will be on Sunday, Sept 30, between 10 am and 3 pm. The link to the application and the entire call out package will be online towards the end of July. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.