Brettley is a person of many passions and layers, who distrusts binaries and labels and who questions the status quo at every turn. They have been doing social and environmental change work in Calgary, Alberta on Blackfoot Territory for over 12 years. This has included a lot of different work, including helping to start Calgary's first non-profit Community Bicycle Shop as well as issues of poverty, feminism and queer liberation, preferring to use collective, anti-oppressive and non-hierarchical methodologies. He is a Social Worker who works with Calgary’s  LGBTQ* support centre, Calgary Outlink, which has taught him a lot about the power of strong communities and the importance of micro level change. They strive for their work to include a systems level analysis, dismantling systems of oppression, exploitation and violence, while also doing the on-the-ground work of creating community supports with and for people who experience the negative repercussions of these systems. He is interested in being self-reflective of the ways Social Work, professionalism, and the non-profits can and have served to marginalize and disempower people. A culture jammer at heart, Brett uses his words, art, and love of all things fay to disrupt his WASPish capitalist upbringing.