Austin Lui

Austin Lui grew up in Oakville, Ontario and is an accomplished musician. He has been playing piano since he was five and violin since he was seven. His early passion for music led him to pursue a music degree at Western University in piano performance.

Austin has always been interested in big ideas and world issues. He first started combining his musical exploits and his passion for social justice by volunteering at Arts For All Kids, a music and arts school for underprivileged youth in London, and the Leading Note Foundation in Ottawa. Inspired by his volunteering and the transformative nature of music, Austin decided to once again focus his energy on school. He graduated from Carleton University with a degree in Music and Culture, a non-traditional interdisciplinary approach to musicology.

After attending Carleton, Austin participated in the Otesha bike tour entitled, “The Phenomenal Food Tour,” which focused on outreach through interactive workshops and theatre plays. Otesha incorporated all of Austin’s passions into one program – education, biking, community living, arts, and food. Austin now works for Otesha in Ottawa and plans to continue developing his skills as a community leader and educator, working to use his passions to help make the world a better place.