Arisha Nazir

When it comes to learning new things, Arisha Nazir is your gal! Arisha was raised in a house of over 10 people. Some family values are self-growth, family and education. Arisha believes that in order to help others, she must be best she can. Arisha also believes in equal education for all, especially for youth. Loving kids and their energy, Arisha knows how important it is for younger people to have an education. Passed down from generations, education definitely runs in her family.

Arisha loves to volunteer. Her most recent experience was participating in Folk Fest. She was a Youth Ambassador for Pakistan. Arisha also enjoys reading. Her favorite book is “Tiger Hills”. She enjoys the imagery which is located in Southern India, that describes beautiful landscapes, which inspires Arisha to travel and explore the world. Arisha knows that she will continue to be enthusiastic towards learning new things.

Arisha will continue to be brave and challenge herself, while maintaining her positive, bubbly personality that will help her grow into tomorrows strong leader. A life long goal in her own words is to leave the world in a better place then how she found it.

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