Arielle’s interests are built around self-education and waste reduction. She dreams of basic income, renewables, gross happiness, open-source tech, and a free world without waste. She supports arts and music by any means necessary, and enjoys acquiring skills that challenge her to learn patience like aerial arts and violin.

From Québec, Arielle explored the frozen and flourishing backwoods of Saguenay and Gaspésie with a little axe as company, until she moved to Beirut, Lebanon, where she graduated high school and learnt about the importance of good governance, diplomacy, compassion, and the many impacts of civil unrest and inequality. She learnt a trace of Arabic and Spanish during this time, and speaks French and English natively.

Subsequently, she spent some years with her nose in countless books and finished a Bachelors in English Literature and Psychology from McGill. After noticing a lack of effective and resilient sustainability initiatives while working as an urban planning researcher and writer, she sought further education and enrolled in a Sustainable Community Development program at Simon Fraser.

She currently works with Green Event Services, a social business dedicated to diverting waste from our landfills, and volunteers with Calgary Can, a grassroots recycling initiative in support of Bottle Pickers. Her efforts are focused on bolstering business practices and developing sustainability efforts to support local communities and the move towards zero waste. Garbage be gone!

She has every intention of enjoying the company of friends, getting a Master’s degree, perfecting groovy dance moves, and exploring the many linkages within sustainability. She’s a special fan of screwball humor, and innovative big-picture thinking.

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