Anita Makokis, Cree name Ahtathahohp Iskwew (translated, “Starblanket Woman”) and is a member of the Alexander First Nation, also considers Saddle Lake home residing there for many years since her marriage in 1990.  Anita has partially completed a graduate degree in Business specializing on Strategic Planning. She began her company Eagle Stone Training & Resources with a vision to develop and forge partnerships with training institutes towards collaboration on sharing indigenous knowledge and build community capacity.  She brings a wealth of knowledge with more than 20 years of public service experience, serving First Nations with experience from three levels of government (First Nation, provincial and federal) tribal councils, national aboriginal organizations and industry. Anita has worked in the areas of youth development, adult education, employment and training, education and program development/management. She has been blessed with gifted learning opportunities such as co-leading training developed by the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres, Kanawaytowin – ending violence against aboriginal women and many other community capacity building training models.  A believer in the fact we are caretakers of the land and it is our responsibility to ensure the land is here for future generations. Adapting to climate change is an important aspect of taking care of our Mother Earth and to continue to learn and share what we can do to reduce the negative impacts being done and to educate others as we do so.