Angelica Lambert

From an early age, Angelica found herself navigating a world informed by her strong sense of compassion and empathy. As she got older she was determined to ensure that her actions would leave a small but positive imprint – on the lands she traversed and the lives she encountered.
She completed a degree from the University of Calgary in Development Studies. With a passion for cultural exchange and experiential learning, her studies introduced and accorded her the opportunities to volunteer and study in Nepal, Jamaica, Uganda, and Japan. An adventurer at heart, she loves to explore the diversity of the human condition, and has lived in various parts of Canada as well as abroad in New Zealand. Having returned to Calgary in 2017, she is focused on fostering connections in a field where her background in international development intersects on a community-based level, through work with the resettlement and integration of newcomers.
Angelica believes in the interconnected nature of our world and strives to understand the ways these dynamics play into systems of oppression and injustice. She is keen to find creative methods to incorporate climate justice into her work and the various communities she immerses herself in.