Andy Levey

Andy is … was… has… is going to be…

What complex thoughts to finish.

 I am by blood but not by appearance, an Ojibway woman, which has led me through many celebrations and tribulations.

 I am a proud mom of 4 fur babies and a compulsive photographer of my love and our fur babies. 

My passions in life are centered on good food, good friends, learning, music, and compassion.

I am often between a rock and a hard place.

I am prone to be lazy, goofy, muffled, and often perplexed by the lack of time.

I believe in the importance of community to create social change. There are people and organizations out there that have a lot of power, but the power behind a collective has more strength and conviction than anything.

I am the civilian Aboriginal Relations Coordinator for the Edmonton Police Service and an advocate for equity, inclusion, and relationships.

I am forever grateful for the circle of strength and support that has enabled me to continue fighting for the things I believe in.

Andy has so much more to do.