Amanda Deseure

Amanda was born in Chatham, ON and moved to Ottawa for university where she completed a combined honours degree in Communications and Women and Gender Studies.  While studying feminist history and theory, Amanda soon felt frustrated and isolated by the lack of pathways forward. She began volunteering in Niki Ashton's office on Parliament Hill where she found other progressive feminists struggling with these same barriers but working with an MP that fought for these issues. This supportive space allowed her to understand what barriers exist that hold social and institutional change out of reach for activists. This led her to a practical education in Canada's political systems. 
Amanda recently completed her Masters of Political Management where she struggled to balance her socio-economic and political goals for equity seeking groups within a system built by colonizers and entrenched in oppressive, patriarchal structures. She now dedicates her work to helping progressives form communications, policy and advocacy plans to help make them more effective when navigating public opinion, policymakers and government officials. Topics Amanda is passionate about include anti-racist and anti-oppressive feminism, precarious work in Gen Y, Inuit socio-economic development, and anti-violence.