Amanda Adams

Amanda is an environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast who grew up on the prairies and has since migrated west to the majestic mountains of BC. A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with a BSc in biology and a BA in anthropology she recognizes the complexity with which environmental and social issues are intertwined. Just as comfortable in a sleeping bag under the stars as in a bed under a roof (perhaps even more so), working in the field of wildlife and conservation ecology has allowed Amanda to live and work in a vast array of environments from the Great Bear Rainforest to Grasslands National Park, often alongside members of the local communities. She has strived to share these experiences and the appreciation she has gained from them with others. Her love of teaching has led her to organize Bioscan at the UofS, public education events with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan and deliver workshops with the Child Hunger and Education Program. Amanda has also worked on a number of environmental campaigns including Say No to Nuclear in SK and most recently for a tanker ban on the west coast. She currently works as a member of a research team at the Centre for Applied Conservation Research Sciences within the Faculty of Forestry at UBC and is an interpreter at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

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