Allison Jones

Aside from her love for reading and cats, Allison Jones spends most of her time working on issues such as climate justice, radical education, and queer organizing. Grown up in Victoria, she moved to Italy and then Montreal for school, but returned to Vancouver as she missed her family and cycling year-round. Currently, she works in the Communication Department of Ecojustice, Canada's only national environmental law charity.  She enjoys reading and talking about the history of social justice movements, examining what worked in the past, and learning from it. She is passionate about radical education, and is a collective member at Spartacus Books, a nonprofit, volunteer-run bookstore and resource centre. She also sits on the board of Check Your Head, a youth educational non-profit organization. She's learning how to code and enjoys the logic puzzles of making websites work. In the future, Allison hopes to continue creating anti-authoritarian educational spaces, where people of all ages can lead their own learning based on their talents and interests.