Alèthe Kabore

Alèthe is in her last semester at the University of Alberta, where she is pursuing a Master's degree in Public Health with a specialization in Global Health. After taking a class on Advocacy in Public Health, she is even more confident about challenging social injustices and bringing positive changes into the world. Since she's not a fan of seeing blood, she specializes in preventative approaches to medicine in order to empower vulnerable populations. Her dream job would be to work towards improving the accessibility and effectiveness of Burkina Faso's health care system.  While, she considers Edmonton to be her 2nd home, Alèthe is an experienced traveler who has been across Canada, Australia, Africa, and Europe, and speaks an impressive three languages. When not doing the salsa, tango, or practicing her contemporary dance moves, she finds time to knit, watch soccer, and catch up on The Good Wife. Though she wants her next trip to be in Asia or South America, Alèthe will settle for Montréal, where the next Canadian Conference on Global Health is being held.