Alberta really enjoys music, food and art as all those things that bring people of all backgrounds and walks of life together.  She is also passionate about using diverse expressions of art (painting, photography, animation, among others) to express her ideas and passion for social justice and community.  Her focus is evolving activism that seeks to generate dialogue and awareness about the current and historical aspects influencing Aboriginal peoples, as well as other groups of marginalized people and other social issues to generate opportunities for more inclusive and supportive societies.  Some of the topics she has explored include: appropriation, gender, consumerism, and identity, to name a few. She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at the Alberta College of Art and Design.              

      Alberta also loves to cook and share food with others, loves the colour blue and can hum and whistle at the same time.  She is excited to be a part of Next Up as a platform for learning, inspiration and social action.