Aiyana Lauridsen

Aiyana Lauridsen grew up on a farm near the village of Rosebud, Alberta, and found herself thrown into the fight for social and environmental justice from an early age after her water was affected by fracking activity nearby.  The documentary about her family, Burning Water, filmed during her teenage years, became hugely influential in pushing her to social justice.  Aiyana is looking forward to her time in Next Up to grow the community around her.  She speaks of an epiphany where she realized how much other peoples stories have resonated with and inspired her,  which motivated her to share her story in hopes inspiring others. Aiyana is hopeful having seen how attitudes towards fracking in her both home province, and the global community, have shifted over the past ten years since she began speaking out against it.   
As a result of her early initiation into social and environmental causes, Aiyana became a legal assistant with hopes of learning about how the law could be used for positive change.  While that experience was educational, she recently left the legal world behind  to focus on her uncorruptable passion, animals.  When she isn't fighting the good fight, Aiyana can be found building on her many passions which include: writing, photography, swimming, riding horses, hiking and generally enjoying the company of nature and animals. She likes to photograph landscapes, and find herself particularly drawn to reflections in the water. A homebody at heart, she can often be found curled up with a book and her bunny, Cedric Diggory.