Aiden Sisler

An experienced educator, author, and facilitator, Aiden has been fortunate enough to work internationally in a variety of immersive settings, exchanging knowledge with participants of many ages and backgrounds. Aiden completed a Doctorate in Developmental Psychology in Berlin, Germany and currently practices as a registered therapeutic counsellor.

Aiden has developed trainings for different advocacy groups, written numerous articles including a textbook on adolescent development, and contributed to and translated a book on moral democratic education and psychology. Aiden is engaged in grassroots activism with Socialist Alternative, Left Alternative, and other collectives focused on revolutionary social and economic justice. She brings her multi-cultural background, deep appreciation of the natural world and inquisitiveness to collaborative projects. She is rather passionate about politics (an understatement) and believes in the fundamental good of the human spirit, the power of radical acceptance and compassion, and ability for healing and transcendence.