Adam Hering

Adam is a rock-climbing, Judaism-influenced, socially and environmentally conscious veterinarian currently studying disease in northern Canada’s bison population through the University of Saskatchewan. Adam has always appreciated animals and nature, adventuring outdoors using many modes. He sees his wildlife-focused vet career as a means to influence the environment on a large scale.

After growing up in Edmonton with his parents, sisters and brother, Adam spent a year in Israel volunteering and living in a kibbutz when he was seventeen. He studied in Calgary, where he was involved in environmental and feminist groups on campus. Adam’s time in Tanzania doing veterinarian and development-related work with the Maasai people has also influenced his career and activism.

Adam’s family is important to him; he is an uncle to three nieces and two nephews! His significant other lives in Calgary, and his charming canine, Scout, lives in Saskatoon with Adam.

Adam’s FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) keeps him active enough to be tired, but his involvement is rewarding. In conversations, Adam’s balance is striking. He has a unique ability to see multiple sides of an issue, and to cooperate with those who hold views contrary to his own in a respectful way.

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